Gallery: Jameel's External Garter Sketch

  • Jameel was kind enough to supply this nice artist's sketch of the external garter arrangement.
  • Note: All BigWoodVise screws now come standard with both an External Garter Groove and an Internal Garter Groove. So that you can mount your vise screw any way that you prefer.
Big Wood Vise - WorkBench Gallery - External Garter Sketch

Jameel A. External Garter Sketch

  • Jameel asked to have his garter external. This will make the vise easier to disassemble.
  • After thinking about it - I decided to make 2 grooves in each vise screw - so that everyone could have either an internal garter and an external garter.
  • So - all BigWoodVise's have both garter grooves.
  • Whether you make your garter internal or external - I always recommend - make it possible to disassemble it - in case you want to refurbish the vise chops (aka Jaws), etc.
  • I don't recommend gluing the garter in place - as that makes disassembly too difficult.
  • Thanks for letting me use the sketch, Jameel!  It is very well done!



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