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Big Wood Vise - The Biggest Vise Screws In The Industry

Big Wood Vise is currently not accepting orders.

  • Bigger Big Wood Vise Screw kits - The Biggest in the Industry!
  • Garter Plates!
  • Big Wood Vise - Hats and Shirts!



Classic Big Wood Vise Kits:

Big Wood Vise is pleased to offer the Largest Vise Screw in the Industry! Check out these specifications!

  • 2-5/8 inch in diameter Threaded Region! (The Biggest in the Industry!)
  • 18-19 inch in Threaded Length! (The Longest in the Industry!)
  • 2-1/4 inch in diameter garter groove - 3/8 inch wide - fitted for both Internal and External Garters!
  • Handle Kit - including O-ring bumpers, standard with Each Big Wood Vise Kit - included at no extra charge!
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Garter Plates:

Many customers have asked me to supply a Garter Plate for their Big Wood Vise kit - so here it is:

  • Made of Aircraft Quality Baltic Birch Plywood - for maximum dimensional stability.
  • Pre-Drilled and Counter-Sunk.
  • Comes with Four (4) Stainless Steel Wood Screws - #14 - 2 inches long, to mount your garter to your workbench vise.
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WorkBench Contest! :

  • Big Wood Vise is pleased to offer a Big Wood Vise WorkBench Contest.
  • Every month, the staff of Big Wood Vise will select a winner based on the contest entrants sent in.
  • The contest winner will receive a Free Big Wood Vise Hat and Shirt ensemble.
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Big Wood Vise Apparel - Hats and Shirts! :


  • Be the envy of all your woodworking buddies when you are wearing your Big Wood Vise Hat and Shirt ensemble!
  • Hats - with the Big Wood Vise Logo!
  • Shirts - with the Big Wood Vise Logo!
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Welcome To Big Wood Vise:

Big Wood Vise -winner of Popular WoodWorking's 2009 Best Tool of the Year Award!
  • Big Wood Vise is pleased to offer classic all-wood vise components for your workbench needs. As craftsmen throughout the centuries have known that an all-wood vise is more than just aesthetically pleasing - its an extremely effective wood clamping system that won't mar or deform your workpiece. I am pleased to be bringing back these wooden marvels to today's workshops.
  • All Big Wood Vise screw kits come standard with a hardwood handle kit: consisting of the handle, O-ring bumpers, and two (2) pre-drilled 2" diameter hard maple ball knobs, at NO EXTRA COST!
  • Our wood vise screws can also be used in the construction of wine and cider presses, letter presses, piano stools, and other special projects.

Please take a look around, and be sure to drop me a line from the Contact Form if you have any questions,


Thank You, and Happy WoodWorking!







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